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I Don’t Have Time For…

Lower Back February 15, 2022

Tick Tock goes the clock. I don’t have time for ……(you fill in the blank). 

Often we hear this when it comes to scheduling physical therapy 3 times a week for 4-6 weeks. 

On the surface this can seem like a lot of time but rarely do people see it as an investment in their health. 

The problem is you should see the time you spend to either get out of pain or to build or maintain your strength and independence as an investment and not a cost. 

An investment is something that gives you a positive return on your investment. Think longer life, greater activity, ability to play with kids and grandkids while not having to take a handful of pills the next day just to “recover”. 

Take Joe (not his real name but a real patient). Joe came in for lower back pain relief. 

When he began his journey with MOSS he was at Phase I in The MAGICAL 5 Phase of Healing (™).

This meant the main focus was to reduce the pain and inflammation before we started to really address the underlying cause of his pain: loss of mobility, strength and flexibility. 

Joe was progressing along pretty well and within a few sessions his pain was down and he started to feel better. 

So what did Joe do? 

Joe did what a lot of people think and do. 

He stopped therapy—he assumed that since the pain was gone, so was his problem….WRONG!!!!

We see this all of the time. Patients start to feel better, get a pill or injection and all of a sudden the pain goes away temporarily (because they are masking it) and they think the problem has healed. 

I am no exception. I did this several years ago with my shoulder. 

I hurt it doing yard work so I got an injection. It worked like magic so I went back to my normal workout with weights. 

This didn’t go so well, my shoulder flared up immediately. I had a therapist I was working with test a few things and we determined that I had some minor weakness in the rotator cuff along with some stiffness in the joint. 

It wasn’t until I addressed the weakness and stiffness that my pain went away for good. 

So instead of being stubborn (like me) and looking for the quick fix I should have started looking for the underlying cause of my shoulder pain. 

What about Joe? 

Well that is why I wanted to tell you about him. As I mentioned Joe got to feeling better so he quit coming to physical therapy. 

About 3 months later Joe called saying he needed to get into therapy immediately because his problem “came back” and he wanted our help. 

Instead of completing his therapy the first time and getting to at least Phase IV ( maintenance and injury prevention) he is now starting all the way back at Phase I. 

Don’t be like Joe!!!

So what should you do? 

Follow The 3 D’s Principle (™) for handling any problem in life: 1. Don’t Ignore it, 2. Don’t Mask It, 3. Do Something About It.

Getting pain relief experts in Springtown like the ones at MOSS Rehabilitation Center to look at your problem and help you design a plan is the way to go. We will address not only your pain but the underlying reason you have it. 

The second step is to complete your plan so your issue doesn’t come back and you don’t become a Joe. 

We walk with you on your journey through The MAGICAL 5 Phases of Healing (™) so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible. 

If you are like most people you find that there is too much to do and not enough time. 

That is why at MOSS Rehabilitation Center we make it easy for you to get started. We even have a simple 3 step process. 

1. Schedule a FREE NO Obligation, Discovery Visit with one of our pain relief experts. During this visit, you will talk with one of our friendly experts about your issues. This is a safe and confidential visit, you can trust that your safety and privacy is important to us. 

2. Receive a Customized (Individualized) Treatment Plan. Based on your free discovery visit, we will put together a custom, unique to you plan that will address all of your nagging pains and issues. The goal is to get you back to your healthy self as soon as possible while also addressing your issues for the long term. 

3. Get Your Life Back and Do What You Love. The best result for us is a patient who tells us they can finally do what they love without the constant pain, stress, or issue they were facing. Together we can get you back to living life without worry. 

The truth is we all have the same amount of time in a day (1440 minutes), yet how is it that some of us are able to use it to its fullest potential. 

Ask yourself, is your health a priority? If so, what are you actively doing to improve it? 

By taking time to address the problem now it will actually save you time, money and frustration in the future. 

So what problem are you ignoring right now that is not a top priority for you that you know you should be addressing?

If you are dealing with nagging lower back pain, or tight and stiff shoulder that is keeping you up at night then give us a call we would love to help. 

“A healthy man has thousands of wishes, a sick man has only one”. –Agnes Karll Schwest Krankenpfleger

Remember the KEY is to start so small that it is impossible to fail. -Kaizen  

We love helping everyday people get back to doing the things they love to do.

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To your health,

Dr. Robert Moss PT, ScD, OCS, FAAOMPT 

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