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Two bits, four bits, 6 bits a Dollar, all for Doug stand up and holler!!!

Balance February 8, 2022

Today we highlight a client who had all the chips stacked against him, yet he fought on with a burning desire for a brighter future.  

He understands the investment needed to build strength, endurance and most important remain independent.   

“A healthy man has thousands of wishes, a sick man has only one”. –Agnes Karll Schwest Krankenpfleger

Doug’s story. 

Doug’s back was against the wall. As if one hip fracture wasn’t bad enough he fell and broke the other hip. He didn’t require surgery but he couldn’t put any weight on the leg for over 4 months which led to even greater loss of strength, endurance and balance. 

Doug knew he needed to do something to regain his independence and improve his quality of life but then it happened again however this time it wasn’t a broken bone. 

He got sick with Covid which progressed into pneumonia. If you have suffered with this you know how difficult it can be to regain your energy and endurance. 

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This is when Doug turned to MOSS Rehabilitation Center to help him regain his strength, endurance and balance so he could remain active and independent. 

When Doug first came to therapy both hips and legs were extremely weak. He was not able to balance on one foot and was using a rolling walker for assistance. His hip mobility was drastically reduced which contributed to his problems walking and balancing. He noted severe limitations in his daily task at work and around his home. 

Doug started therapy at Phase II of The MAGICAL 5 Phases of Healing as he was not having any pain. Our job was to help him start to improve his strength, mobility, endurance and balance so he could gain maximum independence. 

Over the course of several months Doug worked very hard both in the clinic and at home. He demonstrated pigheaded discipline and determination to reach his goals of improving his strength, balance, remain independent and get rid of that pesky walker. He worked closely with his therapist who guided and modified his program as he got stronger and more confident.

When Doug finished his therapy in Phase IV (maintenance and injury prevention)  he demonstrated significant improvements in his strength, balance and ability to walk without his walker. He demonstrated greater stability and improved confidence without a fear of falling.  

For Doug the time invested at MOSS Rehabilitation Center yielded a substantial return.  

“I had difficulty walking after breaking both hips and obviously balance was an issue. I felt like there was no answer to my problem. When I started therapy I was walking with a walker but after being in therapy I got rid of the walker. My future is brighter since coming to MOSS, as I am now more functional in my business and my home. MOSS had great customer service and everyone was so kind and caring, very thoughtful and professional.”  Doug Dollar

If you are like Doug or know of someone who is then let us help you improve your balance, prevent falls and remain active and independent for a lot longer.

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So what do the most successful people do when they have health concerns? They address their problem. 

I call it the 3 D’s Principle to handling any problem in life: 1. Don’t Ignore it, 2. Don’t Mask It, 3. Do Something About It. 

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