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Struggling to recover from covid?

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What The Heck Is A PT and What Do They Do? Top 7 Things You Didn’t Know.


10 Best supplements to help with your recovery, daily aches and pains while helping you feel better.


Local Springtown Health Expert Discusses First Steps in Dealing with Back Pain


Local Springtown Health Expert Discuss Ways To Build Healthy Habits.

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Local Springtown Health Expert Discusses First...

Low back pain affects roughly 80% of all adults at some point in their lifetime. The prevalence for low back pain is greater in women and as we age.  The problem is there is not a consensus on how to effectively treat lower back pain. There are many different schools of thought and such a large variation within patient (men/ women, young/old) populations that trying to put a blanket over the problem is impossible.  It is estimated that back pain is the most common type of pain and it affects nearly 2 out of 5 US adults within the last...

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