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Struggling to recover from covid?

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What The Heck Is A PT and What Do They Do? Top 7 Things You Didn’t Know.


10 Best supplements to help with your recovery, daily aches and pains while helping you feel better.


Local Springtown Health Expert Discusses First Steps in Dealing with Back Pain


Local Springtown Health Expert Discuss Ways To Build Healthy Habits.

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“Attention: Yard Work….Hazardous To Your Shoulder...

Today we highlight a local Springtown shoulder pain client who thinks she injured her shoulder while working in the yard but wasn’t sure (we hear this all the time).  What she did know was that she had a tight shoulder with aching muscles and she wanted relief so she could play with her grandson and work in the yard again.  “A healthy man has thousands of wishes, a sick man has only one”. -Agnes Karll Schwest Krankenpfleger Denise’s story.  Lora, who goes by “DE-NICE” around here, wasn’t sure if she injured her shoulder by lifting her grandson or working in...

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