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Walking The Tightrope

Balance October 19, 2021
It looks easier than it is!

Have you ever gone down a rabbit hole on the internet? You start off looking at one video and the next thing you know an hour has gone by!

This happened to me recently. 

For some reason I looked up slackline videos on YouTube.  

If you don’t know what a slackline is, it’s basically a 2” wide webbing material stretched out between two poles or trees a few feet off the ground. 

I thought it would be a good idea to get one. 

I thought it would be fun and a great way to work on my balance  as well as something to do with the kids. 

I thought wrong. Balancing on a slack line is one of the hardest things I have tried. It is very difficult to stand and balance without falling off. 

I am enjoying the challenge while trying to not get frustrated. 

What does this have to do with preventing falls? Actually a lot. 

One is a lesson that we have to constantly challenge ourselves to get better. Whether that is standing on one foot on a solid surface or trying to do some weird circus trick while standing on the tightrope. 

Unfortunately for most we don’t push our limits or train our balance and it is not until it is gone or we are injured that we realize we need to do something about it. 

I have shared these statistics before but I believe they are worth repeating. 

According to the CDC falls are the leading cause of injuries in seniors and 1/3 of all adults over 65 will fall this year.  Each fall is potentially life changing. 

Falls can cause injury or fractures that can lead to multiple surgeries and lengthy hospital stays.

Falls often lead to hospitalizations due to serious injuries or fractures, often causing you or a loved one to move into an assisted living center. In the most severe cases a fall can shorten your life span and lead to early death. 

The NCOA- National Council on Aging states that: 

Every 11 seconds someone is treated in the hospital for a fall

Every 19 minutes someone dies from a fall or fall related issues

The second lesson is we live in such a reactive healthcare world. The problem is most people think that nothing “preventative” can be done about their “poor balance”, so they are destined to just wait and see what happens. 

The truth is that several studies have shown that performing a specific balance and strengthening program can actually reduce your fall risk by 30-54%. 

In a prior post I discussed what makes up your balance system and common reasons we fall. Click HERE to read more. Today I want to cover 3 things you should know. 

What can be done to treat balance and dizziness problems successfully thus reducing falls and the likelihood of becoming a statistic?  

  • Mobility– working on the flexibility of your ankles, knees and hips can help to avoid falls and injuries. By being able to freely move the joints of your lower legs you are capable of adapting to different terrain or objects. 
  • Strength– mobility without strength just makes you “floppy”. Having mobile and strong ankles, knees, hips along with  a stable core help you during your daily activities such as walking, getting in and out of your car as well as climbing stairs. 
  • Balance— yes you can improve your balance and reaction times but the key is to do it in a controlled environment so it is safe. By modifying the surface you stand on and whether you are static (not moving) vs moving can give your balance system the appropriate challenge while avoiding injury. 

The key is to be proactive in your health. For us this would be at least Phase III in The MAGICAL 5 Phases of Healing we use here at MOSS to help you quickly Get Out Of Pain And Back To Normal After An Injury Or Surgery.  

I have talked previously about the 3D’s. CLICK HERE

You can use these principles to handle any problem in life

  1. Don’t Ignore it 
  2. Don’t Mask It
  3. Do Something About It. 

Working with seniors over many years it has become apparent that the greatest common fear is the fear of falling. This is not unreasonable

A serious fall and injury can lead to hospitalization. If that isn’t bad enough, frequent falls lead to loss of independence, limits in your daily activities, and increases your reliance on friends and family members to complete basic everyday tasks. How humiliating is it to ask someone to get your groceries or drive you to the doctors office? 

Falls will shake your confidence, disrupt your normal walking patterns and lead to using a cane or walker just to get around. For those who are too stubborn or hard headed to use a device or get help the fall and injury cycle continues to repeat often with dire consequences. 

If you would like a free checklist to reduce falls at the house then CLICK HERE. 

This is Betty!

“I came to MOSS because of balance problems. I had this problem for a very long time and even though it is not completely gone, I have a lot more confidence and less fear of falling.” -Betty Norheim

This is where we come in. As experts in the muscular system we can assess and then design a plan to improve your balance and help prevent falls. Actually I have been doing this for over 23 years. 

Because my parents are still living and not getting any younger, the importance of maintaining strength and preventing falls takes on a personal relevance for me and I want to help you as well. 

I shared some of the fall statistics earlier in this post: 1/3 of all adults over 65 will fall this year , every 11 seconds someone is treated in the hospital for a fall, every 19 minutes someone dies from a fall or fall related issues

…don’t become a statistic. 

Let us help.  

At MOSS Rehabilitation Center we make it easy for you to get started. We even have a simple 3 step process. 

1. Schedule a FREE NO Obligation, Discovery Visit with one of our experts. During this visit, you will talk with one of our friendly experts about your issues. This is a safe and confidential visit, you can trust that your safety and privacy is important to us. 

2. Receive a Customized (Individualized) Treatment Plan. Based on your free discovery visit, we will put together a custom, unique to you plan that will address all of your nagging pains and issues. The goal is to get you back to your healthy self as soon as possible while also addressing your issues for the long term. 

3. Get Your Life Back and Do What You Love. The best result for us is a patient who tells us they can finally do what they love without the constant pain, stress, or issue they were facing. Together we can get you back to living life without worry. 

If you are looking for guidance and need more information to prevent falls and learn How To Stay Out Of A Nursing Home FOREVER then call our office to request my 100% FREE Report Top 8 Secrets To Improve Your Balance And Prevent Falls. 

Or if you want the report right now, please visit and you can download it instantly. 

To Your Health, 


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