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One True Hero

Lower Back, Success Stories July 20, 2021

Today we highlight a client who has battled through lower back pain complete with a spinal fusion, multiple complications and a lengthy recovery process, oh and by the way he is a true American HERO, a disabled veteran. Matt had a long way to go but put in the hard work to reach his goals. 

Matt also made some new friends in therapy giving a lease on the phrase “misery loves company”.  

“A healthy man has thousands of wishes, a sick man has only one”. –Agnes Karll Schwest Krankenpfleger

Matt’s story. 

Matt is truly an American hero. As a disabled veteran he came to us after an extensive lower back surgery (fusion) wrought with complications including local infection, seizure, stroke and persistent leg and foot numbness. 

The infection led to an additional surgery thus requiring more time in the hospital and inpatient rehab. 

Matt had some serious doubts about recovering and being able to live an active lifestyle. He is a young man and knew he had to take the recovery process seriously. 

If his situation wasn’t bad enough Matt did not like to take any pain medications due to some prior issues and his own personal preference. His goal was to heal as naturally as possible and to avoid the nasty side effects of over the counter or prescription medications.

When Matt came to MOSS Rehabilitation Center he was extremely deconditioned, had poor balance and the endurance of a newborn baby kitten. If this wasn’t bad enough he still had moderate to severe lower back pain along with numbness in both legs. 

This led to severe difficulty walking and performing his daily activities such as sitting for any length of time and getting out of a chair proved quite painful.  Yard work was completely out of the question.  

Matt’s recovery was lengthy, close to 3 months. He made remarkable progress moving through The MAGICAL 5 Phases of Healing, knowing he had to keep trying and placing one foot in front of the other (literally). 

Once Matt finished his therapy he had less pain, was able to independently take care of himself and started working with a personal trainer at the gym.  

His balance and endurance had greatly improved. Matt also made a good friend in therapy “misery loves company”, they were graduation buddies. Matt is on the left. 

“When I first arrived at Moss, I had just spent 29 days recovering from spinal fusion surgery with complications (infections, seizure, and stroke). I struggled most with balance and endurance. The doctors and staff at Moss developed a plan that helped me improve greatly in both of those areas. They really listened to me when I had questions or concerns, and helped me push my limits to get the most out of therapy. I’m now back in the gym daily and looking forward to getting back 100%” -Matt Carroll

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