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Struggling to recover from covid?

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What The Heck Is A PT and What Do They Do? Top 7 Things You Didn’t Know.


10 Best supplements to help with your recovery, daily aches and pains while helping you feel better.


Local Springtown Health Expert Discusses First Steps in Dealing with Back Pain


Local Springtown Health Expert Discuss Ways To Build Healthy Habits.

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Win In The Grocery Store

Grocery Shopping Tips Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the grocery store? I do.  As a kid I remember going to the grocery store with my mom. Hanging onto or riding in the cart with my brother and sister. I am sure my mom questioned taking us all to the store at the same time but I don’t think she had a choice.  My dad worked during the day (as a police officer) and my mom was a “domestic engineer”...such is the life of a stay at home mom. Now I understand why my wife frequently leaves Charlee (my toddler)...

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