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Struggling to recover from covid?

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What The Heck Is A PT and What Do They Do? Top 7 Things You Didn’t Know.


10 Best supplements to help with your recovery, daily aches and pains while helping you feel better.


Local Springtown Health Expert Discusses First Steps in Dealing with Back Pain


Local Springtown Health Expert Discuss Ways To Build Healthy Habits.

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Be Strong Like Superman

In a prior blog post I discussed the benefits of being “flexible like gumby”. In this follow up article I want to tell you about several benefits of participating in a regular strength training program.  In high school I was a student of the martial arts. I began taking karate lessons in high school but was still a skinny kid. I wanted a way to develop some strength to really have a “punch” behind my punch, so I started lifting weights.  At first I didn’t enjoy it (because I was sore all of the time) and it didn’t seem to...

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