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Falling in love? Great! Falling downstairs? Not so great.

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How Safe is Your Home?


Don’t snooze on the benefits of sleep!


Benefits of Physical Activity for Mental Health


Is Extreme Texas Heat the Cause of Summer Colds?

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Don’t snooze on the benefits of...

I think we all appreciate the luxury of a ‘good night’s sleep’ but what does that really look like? And how often are each of us catching those quality z’s?  What happens if you don’t get enough sleep? Click HERE to find out! There has been an uprising of popularity in products like FitBit or the Oura ring, now surrounded by a plethora of competitors like WHOOP offering similar products. These wearable devices track your sleep, specifically tracking things like what stage of sleep you’re in at different times and your overall quality of sleep.  You can read more about...

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