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Falling in love? Great! Falling downstairs? Not so great.

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How Safe is Your Home?


Don’t snooze on the benefits of sleep!


Benefits of Physical Activity for Mental Health


Is Extreme Texas Heat the Cause of Summer Colds?

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A Little Known Option For Chronic...

For those that know me you know how much I love to ride my bike.  I have raced, ridden for fun and even rode from Oceanside California to Durango Colorado in 2 days and 8 hours as part of a 4 man relay team in 2018.  All of that time spent on the bike has its pros and cons.   Let me explain. Getting in a good amount of cardiovascular work is definitely healthier than not doing anything although I may take it to an extreme.  Getting fresh air and being able to clear my head helps me stay focused and...

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