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14 Best foods to help with your recovery, daily aches and pains while helping you feel better.

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“Attention: Yard Work….Hazardous To Your Shoulder Health”


2 Ways to improve your Sleep


Cutting Edge Technology–Deep /tissue laser


What is Stress and How Can I Relieve It?

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What is Stress and How Can...

At one of our free community education workshops I got this idea from talking to the participants. The original question is about therapy and exercises but quickly turned into the topic of stress and how to relieve it.   As we were wrapping up I was answering some of the group's questions and got an interesting one. (Actually I hear this frequently).  It was, why come in for therapy when I can just find some exercise on the internet?  I thought that was a great question. Here is part of what I told her regarding exercises.  First you can get a...

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