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The Chain of Command

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Do You Have a Fragile Core?


“Well…it’s another day for another day!”


Wood He Return To His Hobby? The Joe Barranti Story


Is Shoulder Pain Bothering You? – Tips For Pain Free Recovery From Shoulder Surgery

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A New Way Lose Weight

I have to confess something to you!!! I have mentioned this in the past and I will mention it again today.  When I was growing up most if not all of our gatherings centered around food.  Obviously Thanksgiving was a big one. Going to Mema and Papa’s house for smoked turkey, cornbread dressing and of course a ton of desserts.  Christmas eve at my parents house centered around mexican food. Being from San Antonio what else would you expect? I remember going to the Delicious Tamale Factory ( yes that is the name of the business) and getting dozens of...

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