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The Chain of Command

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Do You Have a Fragile Core?


“Well…it’s another day for another day!”


Wood He Return To His Hobby? The Joe Barranti Story


Is Shoulder Pain Bothering You? – Tips For Pain Free Recovery From Shoulder Surgery

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How I Learned To Breathe All...

In a prior post, I discussed how I am seeing more and more patients come in with post-Covid symptoms of general de-conditioning, difficulty breathing, fatigue, brain fog and overall poor energy levels.  In addition to the tips and FREE REPORT I provided to help build your immune system I want to give you another way to help you recover.  I have also broken down some of the breathing  basics here as well as how HRV can affect your health. Most of the people I talk with have their backs against the wall. They know they don’t feel good, think they...

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