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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy: What It Is and How It Can Help You

Services September 28, 2020

Deep tissue laser therapy may sound a little bit like science fiction. But in reality, it’s a great tool that can help your body heal and recover fast from all types of injuries.

Laser therapy is used to alleviate pain isolated down deep in the muscle tissue — and best of all it has none of the side effects that come with invasive surgery or medications!

“How can all this work?” you might be asking yourself. “Lasers helping me with decreasing pain and increasing recovery?” 

These are reasonable questions. Lasers have been portrayed in all types of fiction for decades, from movies to comic books. They have been shown to do everything from vaporizing humans in an instant to illuminating night club raves. And let us not forget Dr. Evil’s “laser” in air quotes.

In fact, there are many real-world applications of laser technology, despite the many fictional depictions we’re used to seeing.

In this article, we will be discussing the science behind deep tissue laser therapy, how it can be useful for physical therapy practices, and how it can get you back to leading the life you want to live.

Photobiomodulation – The Magic Behind Deep Tissue Laser Therapy 

What is photobiomodulation? Photobiomodulation (PBM) is a form of light therapy. It’s the science and real “magic” behind deep tissue laser therapy. There are international organizations dedicated to the study, practice, and uses of photobiomodulation.

Essentially, it’s the process in which focused light (in this case laser light) penetrates the surface tissue (skin) and light photons interact within the cellular mitochondria. When this happens, it triggers events that increase cellular metabolism, which can decrease pain and help the body accelerate the healing process. 

I know — that’s quite the mouthful. If you’re not the type that enjoys deeply scientific explanations, I like to use this analogy: your muscles and tissues can get angry, irritated, and want to stay in bed (even though they’re in pain) all day. Photobiomodulation is the first ray of sunshine in days that comes through the bedroom window and inspires the angry tissue to get up, get the day started, and feel better!

How Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Can Help You

Deep tissue laser therapy has a multitude of uses for various types of pain treatment. But, we have seen particularly great results in patients suffering from the following nagging pain issues:

  • Joint Pain

Whether patients are experiencing joint pain as the result of an injury, or the pain is a long-term symptom of arthritis, deep tissue laser therapy has shown very encouraging results for relieving all types of nagging joint pain.

  •  Acute or Chronic Neck and Lower Back Pain

Remember, deep tissue laser therapy is used to treat damaged tissue deep under the surface of the skin, and that’s why it’s one of the fastest methods for pain relief.

Neck and lower back pain issues can be caused by irritated and damaged muscle tissue well beneath the top layer of skin, and for immediate relief, deep tissue laser therapy can help those that are suffering greatly. 

People suffering from neck and lower back pain will tell you that their pain can make them not want to leave the house or start their day. It’s torturous. Suffering patients may feel relief after just a 5 or 10-minute deep tissue laser session! 

  • For Issues Locked Deep Within the Muscle Tissue 

There are new strategies and practices for deep tissue laser therapy being developed all the time. After a proper hands-on diagnosis, we will determine whether our laser therapy treatment would be one of the best options for relieving your deep tissue-related pains. 

Why We Use Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

At Moss Rehabilitation Center, we use deep tissue laser therapy because it’s a non-invasive, non-chemical-dependent method to stimulate “microcirculation” within the damaged tissue. 

A great physical therapy practice should not be looking to mask problems with painkillers or suggest invasive surgical treatment. It’s critical to understand the underlying bodily issues that are creating pain and discomfort – and in the case of damaged deep tissue, laser therapy is one the best natural healing methods we have to treat the tissue and stimulate muscle fibers, repairing themselves on the cellular level. 

In addition to our other physical therapy services, deep tissue laser therapy has proven to be one of the most effective and advantageous methods for helping patients with pain that is locked deep within the muscles and joints. 

We are very encouraged by the advances and results that deep tissue laser therapy has brought to the world of physical therapy in recent years. And, it’s only going to get more sophisticated and effective as technology develops. 

The Right Treatment For You

We have decades of combined experience in treating chronic pain issues, and acute pain that arise out of nowhere to make life miserable. 

We would not simply adopt a new technology if we didn’t trust in its safety measures and effectiveness. Deep tissue laser therapy has been one of the most effective and innovative methods of physical therapy treatment to come along in decades.  

We use LightForce® therapy lasers in our practice and these American-made therapeutic lasers are the best available, continuously offering first-class performance for our patients. 

To learn more about deep tissue laser therapy, please contact our office.

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