Blood Flow Restriction

Muscle loss or is more detrimental to the body than many people realize. Your muscles help maintain balance, core strength, and the ability to carry yourself comfortably throughout an active day. Worrying about muscle loss is not just a concern for bodybuilders. 

Patients suffering from muscle atrophy need solutions to best prevent further loss of muscle before their weakness results in subsequent injuries to the body. Sustained injuries that cause pain and inflammation can lead to muscle loss because of inactivity. Also, patients recovering from surgery can endure muscle loss as they stay in a low-movement state while healing. 

Blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy has been practiced for decades and is now even more refined for modern-day health and recovery treatments. Blood flow restriction is when the limbs of the body are denied full blood flow to help not “bloat” the joints and build stronger muscle. 

Blood flow restriction training has been used by bodybuilders for years. But, the application is excellent for therapy because of its ability to detox the muscle tissues and help them recover/grow bigger without overworking them with the stress from heavy weight. 

By using the latest tools and methods in our clinic, we can use blood flow restriction therapy to help patients build up their strength, but more importantly, help the body heal without aggravating joints or tissues in the process. 

We use blood flow restriction therapy to help patients suffering from:

  • Post-surgical muscle loss
  • General muscle atrophy/fatigue
  • Aching or swelling muscles and joints
  • Slow recovery from injury

For patients looking for innovative, safe, and effective treatment, blood flow restriction therapy is an excellent addition to our proprietary program –  “The MAGICAL 5 Phase of Healing Process.” 

If a patient has pain that would be the best treated with deep tissue laser therapy, dry needling, spinal decompression, or visits physical therapy clinic, they can be assured that we will design the best program to get them back to the healthy, happy, and active lifestyle they deserve!

Please contact us with any questions and learn more about our blood flow restriction therapy programs.

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