Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Innovation in the world of physical therapy is happening more and more. At Moss Rehabilitation Center, we are proud to offer state of the art deep tissue laser therapy treatment for our patients! 

Deep tissue laser treatment is a form of photobiomodulation therapy. Photobiomodulation is light therapy. I know that is a fancy word, so don’t worry, we won’t test you on it. It is a long word that means we use light therapy to help you heal faster, get out of pain quickly, and get back to doing the things you love.

Focused light penetrates deep below the surface tissue layers of the skin to reach the muscles and tissue deeper beneath. When the light (in this case laser light) reaches the agitated and irritated tissues, it promotes quicker healing within the body.

We find that our deep tissue therapy works great in tandem with other physical therapy practices. Sometimes when aches and pains are isolated deep within the joints or muscle tissues, deep tissue laser therapy is the key to promoting pain relief in hard-to-treat areas. 

Deep tissue laser therapy is yet another tool we use to help our patients complete our proprietary “The MAGICAL 5 Phase of Healing Process,” which you will only find at our rehabilitation center! 

Our deep tissue laser therapy helps patients suffering from:

We are proud to use American-made LightForce® deep tissue lasers for our photobiomodulation therapy sessions. LightForce® lasers are used by over 250 pro and college sports teams to treat their world-class athletes, and we made sure to bring that level of performance to our patients. 
To learn more about our photobiomodulation, deep tissue laser therapy, please reach out! We’d love to hear your story and start you on the path to living the pain-free, active lifestyle that you deserve.

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