Physical Therapy

Patients can come into our physical therapy clinic with many preconceived notions. Unfortunately, patients suffering from chronic or nagging pain may have some less-than-satisfactory experience with prescribed physical therapy treatments they had done before. 

We don’t blame patients for being apprehensive to partake in physical therapy, especially if they didn’t find success with programs they had done in other physical therapy clinics or wellness centers. 

At Moss Rehabilitation, it’s our goal to exceed the expectations that our patients have for physical therapy treatment. Our entire staff believes in the power of physical therapy, and if the right program and regime are curated for our patients, we know they’ll discover pain relief and enjoy the benefits of their efforts. 

physical therapy clinic

EVERY PATIENT that enrolls in our physical therapy clinic will receive a custom-tailored program to best treat their unique pains and physical difficulties. 

For patients healing from invasive surgery or dealing with nagging issues, we have a proprietary program called the “The MAGICAL 5 Phase of Healing Process.” 

This program works to minimize pain, restore mobility, promote normal function and activity, maintain health, prevent further injury, and enhance performance. 

There is no “silver bullet” solution or program for every patient that needs physical therapy. That is why we design a proprietary physical therapy program suited to our patient needs and goals. 

We believe that with the correct program in place, patients will find relief from their pain without resorting to addictive painkillers, and they will have a resorted faith in physical therapy. 

We provide hands-on care to massage, stretch, and diagnose our patients’ pains and issues. This type of care allows us to get an in-depth understanding of where the pain stems from and how to craft treatments to isolate and treat the issue(s). 

Our physical therapy clinic will help patients suffering from:

Our physical therapy programs are not only designed to provide our patients with the immediate pain relief they need but also to educate them on how to best take care of their bodies for long-term health. 

To learn more about our physical therapy clinic, the services we provide, and our patient-focused programs, please reach out to us today!

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