Spinal Decompression

Anyone suffering from lower back pain, sciatica, or generalized pain along their backside knows how debilitating it can be. With more Americans sitting for extended periods at desks and in front of screens, we are seeing more and more patients with back issues and unbearable pain.

When the back and spine become compressed, the nerves running along/through the vertebrae, discs, muscles, and joints can become pinched, irritated, or damaged. Much of the back pain we see comes from these nerve issues.

Luckily there are physical therapy treatments we can use to help relieve these back pains and help the body heal itself to avoid future issues.

Spinal decompression is a non-invasive procedure that naturally stretches the spine without discomfort. This is accomplished with a special table that works to create negative pressure between the discs of the spine. This pressure will help decompress the disc and get them in better alignment. Healing compounds and nutrients that had been cut off from damaged areas of the back and spine are finally able to reach these spots when they receive spinal decompression therapy – promoting pain relief and faster healing.

With proper guidance from our licensed staff, our patients discover that spinal decompression is the answer they’ve been looking for after living with sharp, life-altering back pains. 

Spinal decompression will also provide relief to the pressure placed on tissues and structures within the neck, legs, knees, or even shoulders.

Spinal decompression helps our patients suffering from: 

At Moss Rehabilitation Center, we create programs specifically tailored to our patients’ pains and needs. This proprietary program is called “The MAGICAL 5 Phase of Healing Process,” and our staff is trained to best utilize any tools and treatments to best help our patients feel better and live more active lifestyles.

Our spinal decompression services are an important component of our overall process to get patients back to the lives they desire! 

For more information about spinal decompression or our other physical therapy services, please contact our office. 

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