Dry Needle Therapy

Some people may not immediately think of needles when they imagine what treatment they will receive while undergoing physical therapy. However, the practice of dry needling is one of the most common and successful treatments physical therapists will provide to patients suffering from neuromusculoskeletal pains.

Dry needle therapy or dry needling is a treatment performed by trained professionals that causes minimal discomfort but can yield fantastic results in the form of pain relief. 

Small, sterilized monofilament needles are placed into “trigger points” within the patient’s muscles. The needles are inserted into points where localized discomfort and nagging pain persist. The small needles help increase blood flow to the area, and the muscle fiber relaxes, improving mobility and reducing sharp pains. 

dry needle therapy

Dry needling is the prescribed treatment to help tight muscles relax and return the body to full function/mobility. By easing the tight muscles and reducing aches and pains, our patients experience a positive transformation. 

After dry needle therapy, our patients discover the ability to return to a “normal” active lifestyle. This is a component of our proprietary “The MAGICAL 5 Phase of Healing Process.”

Dry needle therapy is effective in providing relief for: 

Dry needle therapy, regardless of the area on the body it is used to treat, is one of the best methods for trained physical therapists to relieve muscle tension. Our muscles can hold on to toxins and chemicals that discourage healing and repair. Dry needling is a natural way of helping our muscles release tension and toxins, allowing the muscles to relax and heal themselves for healthier day-to-day body function. 

To learn more about the services we provide and how dry needling can help you discover pain relief and healing you didn’t imagine possible, please reach out to us!

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