Restore Your Balance, Prevent Falls, And Heal From Injuries Right Here In Springtown, TX

Did you know that one in five falls causes a serious, life-long injury? Sadly, for most people, a fall or tumble can lead to life-long pain that never heals. Yet, we accept losing our balance as a consequence of getting older. Nothing we can do about it other than walk with a cane and hope for the best.

It’s even worse if you’ve already suffered a fall, with the likelihood of you falling again almost tripling putting you at even greater risk for injury. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Preventing weakness is essential to maintaining proper balance and giving yourself the best chance to avoid a fall that could jeopardize your health. And for those who have already fallen, rebuilding your strength, balance, and confidence is important to getting back out there and conquering those fears you may have of falling yet again. Physical therapy aims to pinpoint the weaknesses and improve balance to keep you healthy and confident as you live your life.

At Moss Rehabilitation Center, we pride ourselves on giving the best care we can to all of our patients who have suffered a fall here in Springtown, TX. We want to transform the lives of our patients by quickly getting them out of pain and back to normal naturally using The MAGICAL 5 Step Healing Process.

What are The MAGICAL 5 Phases of Healing that will help restore your balance and heal from a previous fall?

Phase 1: Minimize Pain and Inflammation – This phase is all about getting you and keeping you out of pain. We want you to be able to enjoy life and not be constantly taking a painkiller just to live life every day.

Phase 2: Restore Mobility, Flexibility, and Strength: This phase is where we rebuild your physical abilities so you can enjoy your favorite activities without pain and worry. We rebuild your confidence in your body’s ability to do what you want without injury.

Phase 3: Return to Normal Function and Activity: This phase is our favorite because it means that you are back to your normal, pre-injury or surgery self. You’re free to go about your day and smile knowing everything is healed!

Phase 4: Maintenance and Injury Prevention: Now that you’re healed, we want to keep you that way. This phase is all about making sure you don’t have a repeat injury and keeps your body strong and healthy.

Phase 5: Performance Enhancement: Why settle for normal? During this phase, we help you improve and go beyond what you were able to do before your injury or surgery. We want to help you be the best you can be!  

If you’d like to talk to one of our doctors of physical therapy about how you can use The MAGICAL 5 Phases Of Healing to restore your balance and prevent falls, call us at 817-220-MOSS (6677) and book an appointment today!

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