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Expert Physical Therapist, Robert Moss, Reveals His NEW "Secret Method" For Getting Rid Of Neck Pain, Headaches, Whiplash, & More Once And For All... (Without Drugs, Shots, Or Surgery)

When you’re suffering from neck pain, headaches, or even just stiffness, even the littlest of things can start to annoy you. The constant pressure you feel at the back on your neck starts to wear on your patience and you might even find yourself snapping at your loved ones when you really didn’t mean to.

The somber news is, according to research, 5% of neck pain sufferers will become disabled as a result, unable to work or function normally as a result. 5% doesn't seem like a lot, but when it's risking becoming disabled, do you really want to chance it?

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you find yourself putting up with a constant, daily neck pain, you should consider coming in and letting us take a look. The risk of letting it go unattended is that most people, in an effort to relieve the pain, will actually make it worse. Let our experts help you get the relief you need today.

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STEP 1: Schedule a FREE Discovery Visit with one of our experts. (Call 817-663-0698)

During this visit, you will talk with one of our friendly experts about your issues. This is a safe and confidential visit, you can trust that your safety and privacy is important to us. We are taking extra measures to ensure that you remain safe during this pandemic.

STEP 2: Receive a Customized (individualized) Treatment Plan

Based on your free discovery visit, we will put together a custom, unique-to-you plan that will address all of your nagging pains and issues. The goal is to get you back to your healthy self as soon as possible while also addressing your issues for the long term.

STEP 3: Get Your Life Back and Do What You Love.

The best result for us is a patient who tells us they can finally do what they love without the constant pain, stress, or issue they were facing. Together we can get you back to living life without worry.

Fantastic Results

At MOSS Rehabilitation Center we are not happy until you are happy. Our number one priority is helping you return to the life you dream of. we are here to help!

Customer Oriented

MOSS Rehabilitation Center has been awarded best "PHYSICAL THERAPY" in Parker County since (2014) 6 years in a roll. Stop by anytime and chat with our friendly staff

Personalized Attention

At MOSS Rehabilitation Center, you are treated like family. We want to create an environment where you want to return to again (if needed) and refer your friends and family members

Dr. Robert Moss PT, ScD, OCS, FAAOMPT

(Physical Therapist, Managing Partner of MOSS Rehabilitation Center LLP)

Dr. Moss has 22 years of experience as a physical therapist with an emphasis in orthopedics. He graduated from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) with a Masters in Physical Therapy in 1998 and from the Doctorate of Sciences Program in Physical Therapy in 2007 (ScD). Dr. Moss is a certified orthopedic specialist (OCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and Fellowship trained in orthopedic manual therapy (FAAOMPT). 

Dr. Moss certified with the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine-United States (IAOM-US) in 2002 and teaches continuing education courses for physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and athletic trainers across the United States. Dr. Moss is a Board Member for the Springtown Chamber of Commerce and current President. His hobbies include spending time with his family, cycling and learning to play the guitar.

See What Our Patients Are Saying . . .

"I really needed to hear what they have available for me to get better. My goals of therapy were something they feel can happen. Hard work ahead for me. But I think I’ve found my “physical therapy family”!"

"If you are in need of physical therapy, Moss Rehabilitation Center is the place to go to. The staff are friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Griebel! They care about your recovery, and before you know it you’ll be better."

“I have used Moss Rehabilitation Center several times over the last 3 years and have always been pleased by the results so have afterward. The doctors are very knowledgeable, the staff very friendly, and the facility always clean. I recommend Moss to anyone so know is need of physical therapy.”

“The people at Moss Rehabilitation Center or always nice polite and very easy to get along with. They worked hard with you and make sure that you reach your goals and cheering for you along the way. If ever I need to have rehab again I will most definitely come back here”

“Moss Rehabilitation Center is a great facility for any service one may need. Dr Moss and all his staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful to take care of the situation you have. I highly recommend them.”

“I was extremely pleased with the therapy services following my total knee replacement. Dr. Griebel and Dr. Moss are very knowledgeable, professional, caring and thorough. The entire staff makes it a pleasant and enjoyable experience :-). I've never been to a friendlier, more caring medical facility.”

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